miercuri, 22 august 2012

Like a first kiss

Every other morning I buy a fried-egg sandwich from a food joint at the subway. Two very nice ladies makes it in front of you, ask you whether you want salt, pepper and dill on it and what sauce you choose from sweet ketchup, spicy ketchup and mayo. I take sweet ketchup, mayo and no dill, to go. I've been ordering the same thing for over three months now and have been wondering when they'll start recognizing me and anticipate my order for two months now. This morning, like a first kiss, they pleasantly surprised me when they asked me 'the fried-egg, right?'. I smiled semi-circular and said 'yes, please'. And like any other first kiss it was a bit awkward, like when your faces don't align right or your hands collide on their way to a hair stroke. The one who was frying the egg said 'no pepper, huh?' and I smile and reply 'no dill', to which she reacts fumbly and mumbling 'oh, yeah, right, of course'. At the same time, the lady who was preparing the bread asks 'just mayo?', again, I smile sweetly and say 'also, sweet ketchup' and get the same reaction 'oh, sorry, yes, I knew that'.
I swear, it was like that no-music-dance preceding a first kiss when you are shy and perky at the same time, when the awkwardness of the new approach mixed with your rushing blood and pounding heart makes you stumble and make silly mistakes. However, maybe that's part of what makes it unforgettable.
There are smooth first kisses which become haunting, kisses that arise from undreamed dreams, happen by happenstance and shatter you to your core.
You just lie next to each other because there is no where else you could be, eyes closed, your little finger invisibly touching his elbow. Then his arm moves tiny inches towards your hand and this fact in itself tumbles all of your insides. After your breath takes a quasi normal rhythm again you dare to stroke his arm and the seconds to his reply feel like a half-forever, but then, then his fingers caressing your arm, assuring you, giving you unfearfulness. And as you wonder, yearning, if it would be too much to hold his hand, he covers yours with warmth that just goes through your whole body who acts on its own and slides next to him.
Through the dizziness you don't even realize when he put his arms around you, only feel  his soft strokes on your arms and back, his feathery touch on your cheek and that wonderful feeling, overwhelming you, that nothing else exists in the world.
Though you can't and don't wish for more and although there are no actual thoughts in your head you know that something grand is going to happen. And right before you can start to worry he grabs your head, covering your ears with his hands, making you deaf to yourself and anything else. Another half-forever passes and then you feel it. That sweet, soft, tender kiss. First kiss.
I'm just sayin'. It could totally happen.

miercuri, 15 august 2012

Story other will tell

My best friend is leaving for Canada and he asked me to drop the papers for him. I took a cab when I went there cause I was in a hurry but I decided to take the bus back. Now, anybody who knows me has also knowledge of the fact that I easily get lost. Actually I am so disoriented that I could effortless arrive on the twelfth plane of torment on my way to the kitchen. So, I take a bus thinking it's the right one, do a mental research about the number of the bus, decide it's the right one, consider to ask the lady next to me for reassurance. She gives me this merciful look and says 'oh, honey, it's the right one but it's the wrong direction.' To which I answer 'oh, should've thought so. This happens fairly often.' She raised a suspicioso eyebrow and considered that she has to explain to me how to get on the other side, in the right direction. Meaning she showed me the zebra crossing and that I should cross it and then wait for the same bus on THAT side of the street. I just smiled dumbly and said nothing. Which made her wonder if I really understood. I bet she followed me with her glance as I got off the bus, crossed the street and I also bet she went home and said to her husband/children/grandchildren 'There was this girl I met on the bus..'

luni, 13 august 2012

As the evening sets in

I should be very busy these days, deploying a site I promised I would make, deploying my own site, finishing a poster and reading for my thesis. But what do I do? I play aimlessly with a dog from a Kinder Surprise, chat with a former student of a guy I used to date, avoid going to the bathroom, listen to the same song again and again, plan my route from Izvor to Obor, daydream about a new phone and procrastinate with aplomb. What's wrong with me. I can't even ask myself.

Once again, Typo3

After not using Typo3 for almost 2 years it seems I've got some catching up to do.
So I installed tt_news 2.3.1 on Typo3 4.7. I create a singleview page, I create a record folder, populate it, make a content element with a list view, go to the frontend aaaaaaand the more link is not working. Let me rephrase that for the search engines: more link isn't active, more link is not linked, it's a dead link, go to Archive doesn't work either, it is a broken link, it is KAPUTT. I make a little research (2 days in a row), reinstall the extension, clear all the caches. Nothing.
Turns out the solution is one of the most idiot things you've heard of. It's almost like counting to 13 and then clicking refresh. The singleview page can't be hidden. If it is, the links will not work. And since the 'not in menu' option isn't an option anymore, you will have to put the singleview page on a not displayed level of the menu.

People like you and me

This morning I was on my way to work and I hear this lady talking on the phone, she was yapping on and on. She was talking to one of those friends that you don't call for a long time and the a wedding comes up or a funeral and you have to talk and then you realize that person is really ok and wonder why you haven't called them in so long. So, you decide it's the best time to make up for the lost time, then and there.
As she was going on and on about her average life she said 'what can we do? we have no time, we get ONLY Saturday and Sunday off..' Like, what? ONLY Saturday AND Sunday? You poor, poor souls.
I don't know whether she really deserved it, but she did make my 'people I like to punch in the face' list.

As I get off the bus I see this really fat dog. I've seen him before but I am always amazed by how fat he can be. He's not very high, has 4 stumpy legs and he is so freaking fat that you could have coffee on his back. That is if you could find another fat and smaller dog to use as a stool. Or a really fat one to use as a couch. Like one of those Shar peis. So, he was chilling under an umbrella next to the newspaper stand when he sees another dog running by. This one was slim and slender, had no problem running. Fatty there, decides he wants to chase him and heavily gets up and tries to catch up with Slim, which he, of course, doesn't manage. He like ran for 3 meters and then turned back to his umbrella saying 'meh, let it be..' Walking by him I imagined he was humming

Since we're talking about fat animals, I want to tell you about another fat mammal. It's a cat, white with black spots. He hangs out next a food joint, which easily explains his fatness. He lives nearby but since they opened that place he's always there and meows at customers. Since all around this area there are only offices of corporations, the customers are those upper-middle class snobs (mostly) who have great apartments, for which they will work for the next of their lives and the next ones if they're lucky enough to reincarnate, clean, spotless apartments where they can't keep any pets. Sooooo, they see the cute kitty next to the food joint and they say 'awwww, let's feed him'. In this way fatty catty gained a lot of weight in a very short time. He used to be quite skinny, he dreamed of being a model as he has a pretty decent catwalk, but it's too late for all that now. I believe that is what makes him so grumpy. Because fatness isn't his problem. If you kneel next to him he starts rubbing against your legs and acting like a spoiled bastard begging you to stroke him, buuuut if you dare touch him he bites you and scratches you like a retarded scumbag. However, whenever I see him so annoyed I can't help myself, it's like a magnet and I pull him by his ears until he meows and jump away as he tries to grab my hand with his fat paws.,